Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 35

Hey mom,
I have been thinking a lot this week and I am so blessed that it takes my breath away! Every single one of my friends is serving a mission. Every single one and that to me is incredible. When I left Federal it was so hard a few people cried and I lost it also for a second. I will never forget that place and I want to go back one day.

My new area is sweet. It is more well off money wise than Federal and we have great members. It is a ward not a branch. also ............ Elder Winger is in my zone!!!! I am so happy. My companion is Elder Birch who went to Olympus High school. I loved conference! I watched it all except the 2nd session on Saturday. I am in a 4 man pench in Pergamino, which I love! The other missionaries are Latin.

I love you mom and thanks for keeping me updated.
Love your son