Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 52 - District Leader and New Companion

Hello family. Thank you for telling me about what is happening with
grandma back at home. I did receive a phone call from the president on
Sunday night and I couldn´t believe it at first but then I thought
about it. And it is like you said grandma was preparing us for this
very moment. From the phone call I had with her on Christmas up to the
letter I received from her a week ago. The things she said have left a
lasting influence on me as I am sure that they have on you to. It was
very lucky that dad was there at the time to help her to call
everyone. How is she now? Is she able to speak and things like that?
Tell her that I love her so much and I am with her in prayer. Tell her thank
you for all the things she has done for me. If it wasn´t for her I wouldn´t be
out here and none of us would be who we are.

As for my week it has been kind of a struggle because my mini
missionary was anxious to get home, So it made things a struggle. But,
it is a new week and on Thursday I am getting my new companion from the
MTC! I can´t wait! This means I will be in this area for a
long long time, 5 transfers=7 Months. Also today I was informed that I
am the new district leader here, which sounds exciting. I am going to
meet my district this next Tuesday. I already know many of them, but not
the newer ones to Pergamino. I like Pergamino and we have some baptisms
coming up which I am excited for. There is some great people here and
I am going to make it a great experience for my kid. That is missionary terms.
I love you guys and keep me informed on everything OK?
Te quiero Elder Smart