Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 80

Hi family and friends,
This week was great! I am going to just jump right in. On Monday we were walking back to our pench when we had finished our day and all of a sudden a man yells at us from across the street. He says, "aren’t we a lil ways from home?" Well, we went and talked to him to find out where he is from and he is from Paraguay but his father is from Scotland. He grew up listening to his father speak English so he learned also. He is very friendly and he told us to go to his house and visit him.

Well we went to visit a few people who are progressing very well and had some great lessons. One of which was with a lady that we taught over a week ago and we thought she didn’t want to hear from us any more. But we kept going by. We finally found her home after 3 days and she tells us she has read all of 1 and 2 Nephi in less than a week. She started to tell us all the stories and things she has read. Then told us that ever since she has been reading the Book of Mormon, the head aches she has usually had are gone. She is incredible. We are going to teach her tonight and we will see what happens with her :)

On Friday we went to go see the man who speaks English and he wasn’t there but his wife came out and she said, Hola elderes! I was way confused but then she told us that she is a member and is from Buenos Aires. What a huge coincidence, right? So now we are teaching all her kids. It was a great week full of teaching.

On Saturday we finished the week with service and we did my favorite chore..... weeding. haha jk They put me in charge of digging up trees which was fun. (hadn’t done that for a while) While we were working huge spiders ran out of the garden and up the walls! Also, I was digging and I hit a rock. But it wasn’t a rock… it was a turtle that was hibernating underground. The members said it was a small little one though. It was like a football! It was so fun!

Also this week all the members were talking about how the USA basketball is amazing! haha

Well that was my week. I love you

Elder Smart