Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 56

Sleeping on the roof top!!!
Pres. and Sister Giuliani, Elder Fairbanks and Elder Smart

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 53 - Elder Fairbanks and Grilling a Lamb

Yes I recieved a letter from grandma that is a letter of her
testimony of the savior. Does Parker and Colton visit her often. They
need to twice as much because I am not there. Can she speak and everything?

Here in Argentina with my new companion it is really fun. He doesn´t
know hardly any Spanish but he will learn fast. I am doing my best to
help him. We are finding new pèople to teach which is really good. I
love it. This last week also I cooked a bbq with members and I cooked
a lamb by myself. A full sized lamb on the grill! I will send you
pictures next week ok. Here we are trying to have more activites to
help the unity grow. Tell me any ideas you have but remember to keep
them simple.

This last week I got a bottle of maple syrup from a mom who came to
pick up her missionary from Argentina. It was amazing and I got a jar
of peanut butter =) It made me think did you send me j dawg sauce and
wingers sauce yet? Or what else did you send? I love you mom thank you for being
my mom.
Love, your son

Questions from home:
How many are in your district? There are 6 of us in my district
Are they all in Pergamino? They are all in Pergamino
Did your new companion get to baptize someone yet? Not yet but maybe
this week or the next one!
What is your comps name? His name is Elder Fairbanks
Where is he from? From El Centro, Imperial Valley California 
Do you have the same roommates?No =( Elder Pinedo left, one of my best
friends. But another one came and I am still with Elder Santa Ana from
Chile. I love him.
Who were the people in the pictures you sent us? By the Christmas tree?  
Elder Birch, Elder Santa ana, Elder Pinedo, and me
The ones when you had the glasses of ??? Was that New Years? That was
New Years at a members house
Was the butterfly really on your scriptures? Yes mom of course it was.
How could I fake something like that?
The fellow who was being baptized? That was Pablo who I baptized
before Christmas. He is awesome!