Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 1 - My first p-day

Hey mi familia!
It is my first pday here and it is going good so far! My companions name is Elder Winger or Tanner Winger. You can facebook him. He is from Smithfield Utah. I will send you pictures very very soon. Here at the MTC it is really spiritual and nice but at the same time it is so hard. I get really down on myself when it comes to learning the language but oh well I gotta get over it! Elder Winger makes me laugh so much he loves soccer a lot (Colton) and he weighs 130 lbs.... he is so helpful tho, cuz he is good at espanol. In Espanol I know how to pray and I can understand a lot of what people say to me so I think I'm getting the hang of it!! Thank you all for the letters in my luggage. They meant a lot and I need a list of whose letters were in there because idk what ones I found and didn't find. When it comes to writing me write as often as you want through dear elder and through normal letters and I can respond to you through these emails, trust me it will be easier! Then I have time to read what you say instead of having to speed read in my 30 minute time period. There are days where I feel really down and then we have devotionals that come along and it speak directly to my problems. It's incredible! Here they discourage sarcasm and they make you have a clean room and tons of other stuff.... Parker and Colton I would describe it as living with dad but instead of having him tell you what to do you are just expected to do it. But here you find out why doing these things invites the spirit. So I guess dad is still just a missionary! Parker and Colton you need to send me dear elders and hand written letters! Parker your letter that was in my bag made me cry with laughter I was dying. and Colton I couldn't find yours if there was one in there.....? uncle guys was awesome and it is crazy Jerry Sloan retired! You need to keep me posted on stuff using dear elder like how many points my brothers are dropping in basketball!! Do it tonight before seven and I can get them tonight or tomorrow just know they print them at 7:00 every night but Sunday! Thanx for your package mom and I am getting fat from food here I think so I am trying to stop eating as much at the cafeteria. Mom I would love for you to send me some sweet awesome ties if you would have Parker help he has some good taste. Everyone has like 50 ties haha also send me tons of pictures that express what I like from home cuz apparently Argentinians love knowing that missionaries have actual lives that they live. So a picture album of friends, family, sports, and stuff about me would be great. Thank you. I also may need some 3d white toothpaste again mom! I wish you all could be here and experience everything that I am!! There are so many miracles that I used to overlook and now I am trying to open my mind to notice them! I think all my visa stuff is going to work out fine mom :) I am reading the book of Mormon again and I started on Tuesday and I am doing 18 pages a day so I can finish in a month! I'm doing it twice while I am here! I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you all again! Parker you better wait for me! I wish I would of held onto you guys longer when I said goodbye, but it's OK! This is the time about when I will be sending emails on Wednesdays! I love you and hope to hear from you through dear elder tonight or tomorrow or whenever you're not busy!
Elder Landon smart

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