Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 14 - Happy Mother's Day

Hello family and friends!
Happy Mothers Day!! Calling home was really nice and it was great to talk to everyone. Also it was awesome to hear that Ryan gets to go to Argentina on his mission! I was sooo excited to hear that:):)

 This last week we has been really good. We have found a lot of new people to teach :) including Salidad, she is about 25 or so and she lives with a family where the kids are all members but the parents are not. We taught Salidad and the mother listened to the lesson. It was really cool. Then we went back to teach again and the mother wasn´t there, which was disappointing. It was still a great lesson and it was so great because the kids help us with teaching and when they pray or answer a question the spirit is so strong. They are only like 7-12 years old! It is awesome! Well we invited Salidad to church and she came but also, so did the mom of the family. It was awesome!

One day during the week there was a lot of Jehovah witnesses out. Probably about 30 and they were going around 2 by 2. It was kind of awkward to go door to door while they were also. Surprisingly though people said that the jw's are pushy and they didn´t like them. So they would let us in just because we were not Jehovah Witnesses. We taught a lot of cool lessons that night!

There are really great families in this area and it is always great when we find them. We are teaching another investigator named Griselda and she is trying to quit smoking. We got Alejandra who just recently quit to agree to come help us teach her and give her support! It is going to be really great. Whenever we have the help of members it is a lot of help because sometimes when people see us in
our white shirt and tie they don´t see us as normal people which is difficult.

That is what happened this last week and sorry about my short letter last Monday. Sometimes the computer that I am on is really hard to work with. ha ha

Thanx for everything!
Love, Elder Smart

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