Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 9 - So ready for Argentina!

Hello family and friends,
Man does time fly. I am so ready to go to Argentina! I leave this Monday and my flight leaves at 11:00, which is better than Elder Mendels, because he had to leave at 4:00 in the morning. I got up to walk some of my zone out to say goodbye to them, so I got to say goodbye to him also. I first fly to Atlanta and I have a 4 hour layover there. So that is when I will call home. Then I get on the plane and fly to Argentina and I get there at about 7:00 in the morning. I can't wait!!

I loved conference this weekend and we all watched it. The whole MTC, in the gym, it was really cool! I loved all the talks and one specifically that I liked was Richard G. Scotts! That night after conference, so Sunday night we had a special guest spearker Vai Sikahema and it was so sweet to here all his stories. He was great! Last night we got to hear from Elder Oaks of the 70, who is a 4 star general but everyone thought it was Dallin H. Oaks who was coming. haha It was funny. I was chosen to teach the new missionaries who come to the MTC today. They choose 15 companionships from the whole MTC to do it and Elder Winger and I were selected. . . pretty crazy.
I got the Brighton book finally, and it is full of different Brighton students pictures and testimonies. When it is full it will be sent to the Sandy Institute Center. It was really cool to read and see friends that have come through the MTC! Well I might write more later on Saturday if I can, but I am running out of time! If you want to send me a letter it has got to be before the weekend, because I won't get it Monday and Dear Elders don't come on Saturday night or just send me an email!

I love you all and thank you for the support,
Elder Smart

How is Nate doing and what is Parker doing for prom? I met someone here named Elder Sumner who is going to Japan and he knows Rand and Lyndy from Hurrican. Also Wes Hoover is here going to Japan. I see Taylor Millet all the time. Maybe I will see Brad Walker before I leave! IDK Eric Hanson, but he is in the Brighton book I believe. I think Elder Wingers mom is going to get om MM but she is also sending us some scentsy spray. It's way sweet stuff. I am really excited for Argentina. I am nervous for Spanish because I am not amazing at it, but I know it will come. I hope I can transition to there smoothly, I am very excited though! i love you so much and i can't wait to talk to you. I love you mom and I will talk to you soon and I hope to hear from you soon. love Elder Smart

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