Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 8 - Dang sweet week!!!

Family and friends!

This week was pretty dang sweet. We were in class and an MTC cordinator came in and announced to our class that we needed to get our most boring tie, clean the classroom, and polish our shoes (which I already do. Thanx dad) because an area of the 70 was coming to see us. He is over Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina and he served in Rosario Argentina 31 years ago. His name is Elder Patania and he was really cool. He came in and talked to us with his wife for about a half an hour and it was in all Spanish. I understood everything he said, but I was too scared to ask if he knew uncle Guy. How long ago did uncle Guy serve? I can't remember. Elder Patania said the poor people in the U.S. are like the rich people in Argentina and all we can do is love them. That does more than just giving them 5 pecos. It was a great experience!

We get amazing talks every single Sunday and Tuesday night. It is really making me look forward to watching all of General Conference and taking alot of notes. I am gonna take a pillow to watch it in our big gym, because the chairs are so painful after 2 hours of sitting there. My district is awesome and all 8 of us are going to sit and watch it together. All of them have strengthened my testimony so much. We are going to be life long friends I can tell. In a talk we received, the speaker said we didn't decide to serve a mission in this lifetime but we decided in the pre existance and that is amazing to think about. This is a different learning experience than I have ever had and I encourage anyone who is thinking about going, to do it. Do it for yourself and then you will lose yourself I promise. Also, lately everyday I have been trying to write down a miracle a day that I see or happens and it has given me so much appreciation for things.

In gym people get hurt all the time. Elder Stromberg in my district got a broken nose and a concussion. People are different when they step in the gym, it's so funny. Elder Winger on Monday is going to go to the hospital to get a planter wart removed, I am going with him and I am praying for j dogs!! I also might have an inside connection to get one here. I have seen old friends here like Eric Hawskins and Alex Eliason from Oakdale, it is cool!

Spanish is coming along really well, I think. I am a little nervous for Argentina but I can't wait! Apparently there is fruit everywhere and you can just eat it (lucky huh dad?) and there is armadillos and I am gonna catch one and paint it like a soccer ball :) Thanx for the letters Colton, they are great I remember having two brothers though, haha Parker are you going to prom? You better be!! Becky is still free I think! :)
I love watching the movies on Sunday night like Legacy, the Joseph Smith movie. and The Testaments. Everyone laughs at the same parts in them and it is great, but they are also amazing and I am always gonna watch them every Sunday, even when I get home from my mission! Look on, they have a thing called "I'm a Mormon" and Stan Checketts is on there. He is elder Wingers dads boss (he makes rollercoasters) Also, look up New Years Resolution, it is in a cafe and it is about not looking back. They are all videos, they are so sweet!

That is what's happening with me I love you,
Elder Smart

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