Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 30 - WE WON! (two emails in one day)

Hello one and all,
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Time just seems to fly by all the time, it´s a little scary. We had a zone conference this week and it was really really good, I loved it! We played a game and what ever district won they get to have a special p-day.... WE WON! I am way excited because now I will email in Concordia next week. They have better computers so I can send all my pictures :)

This week we taught some great people, a family that we gave a Book of Mormon to said that they really like it and when the mother said the prayer when we were leaving she prayed that they could be baptized! Now it is in our hands to prepare them. I hope everything will go smoothly with them. We started handing out invitations for an English class we are going to have every week in the church. Everyone is really excited about it. It is nice because now when people yell at me in the street in English and say "hey! What´s your name? 12347689" I can go ask them if they actually want to learn English.

I taught the class in church on Sunday and I spoke on faith. Many members shared great experiences :) I talked about how we need to be like Peter who walked out on the waves to the Savior. We need to have faith and courage to get out of the boat.

I will write more next week I hope you all have a wonderful week :)
Love, Elder Smart

E-mail #2

So I walked back to my pench and I saw that there is a new cyber opened . So we decided to try it out for pictures and wow it is pretty fast!! :) I hope you like the pictures.

A story that I forgot to tell you is that we had a lunch appointment which is really rare in the little city. We arrived there and the man who was one of our investigators was completely drunk. His wife came in from the kitchen to greet us and I looked at her left hand and it was cut really really bad. Dripping in fact all over the floor leaving a trail....we asked her if she wanted a band aid but she said it was nothing. (she was drunk also) We sat down and talked to the man for a while and his wife brought out sandwiches, I pretended to eat and when they weren´t watching I threw the food out to the dog. My companion put his sandwich that had blood on it in his bag. We found away to get out of there and went home and made PB & J´s, which have never tasted so good!

Another story is yesterday we arrived at a lesson 5 minutes later than we planned because we were clapping doors. (people clap at the front of houses instead of doorbells) When we arrived at the house the investigator told us that a new kid who is 14 years old had just tried to stab her. He was drunk and if we would of been there she said it would of been crazy. I am glad we were late and not there.

On a happier note. . . . In the conference I forgot to write and tell you that I met Elder Beckstead, whose grandparents (Neil and Lee Beckstead) live in my ward. There is a picture of him and me in the pictures I am sending. 
Well goodbye again and have a great week!
Love, Elder Smart 

Is it safe to cook on a space heater? I don't think so!!!
Elder Beckstead and Elder Smart (Neil and Lee Beckstead's grandson)
Elder Smart
Elder Smart and his district
P-day basketball

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