Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 32 - Special P-day

Hello everyone!
Sorry last time I was really pressed for time because of our special p-day which was awesome! I have attached some pictures of when we played soccer and when we visited a castle! Let me start from the beginning. We woke up late on Monday morning and when I say late I mean 4:30 am and we had to catch a bus at 5:00 am. So we woke up and threw all our stuff together and ran and caught the bus to Concordia. Which is 2 hours away. We arrived and got ready to play futbòl which was sweet. But I am not really good at it. The Latin elders play very well and made me feel very small. haha Then after we played basketball :) which was the opposite effect for them. Then the Mission President and his wife came and the assistants. We went and visited a sweet castle all together and then after had pizza. Then futbòl again but this time the President played :) he is awesome and he has still got game! His wife also told us about something she did recently. Well she was reading PMG and decided she wanted to see what it was to be a missionary. So she went and lived with a sister missionary who wasn´t going to have a companion for a few days. She did all that a missionary would do with no shortcuts at all! I have tons of respect for that.

After that awesome day we had divisions and I was in Concordia for a day. There is a lot of hills there and a day after so much physical activity it killed me. haha It was cool though to be in a different place for awhile. A change of scenery :)

Yesterday we had an investigator come to church. One who I didn´t expect to come and a member just made it a great experience for her. She loved it and talked about being baptized a lot but we will see what happens. Tribulation in all things and her boyfriend is making things difficult.

That´s all for now! Love you all ;)
Elder Smart

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