Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 6 - Zone Leader

Hey family how is it going?
Spanish is looking up I think I just need to keep trying to speak it and it will start to come along! I am so sick of the food it is nasty, haha, but oh well. I love gym time because my district is so awesome. How districts work is there is like 8 to 10 elders in a district and then there is like 5 or 6 districts in the branch or zone. So I am the zoneleader of the branch and I have to keep everything in line in the residence hall which isn't that bad. It is so weird that when I got here there were elders in my district that I didn't like at all, but now we have all grown together through trial because the MTC stands for the mistakes and trials center. (jk) I love hearing all the stories here and seeing old friends like Eric Hawskins from elementary school. I also met an elder named Joel Clark who knows TJ pretty well. My companion knows Cache Guzzy and also Trevors roommate knows Chase, but I can't remember his name right now, sorry. There are some new elders here and they are really nice, but the district who got here just before them is a pain. They are all kind of crazy in the weirdest of ways.... the district that got here a few weeks before us left for San Jose today and I had to wake up at 4:30 AM to help them leave, because I am a zoneleader. I told them all about Chase and then Chase has just recently been assigned to be a trainer and I bet he gets one of them. It should be awesome!

Sorry I accidently hit send. I got grandma and grandpas letters and will write you soon. I have been cramming for time here because there is so much to do always. I have seen Elder Brett Gant here and I got a picture with him and I will send it soon. I am just kind of waiting to get more pictures first. Should I send a cd of my pictures? Also, I see Elder Danny Hanna alot which is pretty sweet. I can't wait for Argentina, they have sweet people from what my teacher says. He said everyone thinks Americans are FBI so he would always pretend to have a microphone in his shirt colar. They play soccer a ton, so I'im gonna get good! (Colton) and I am going to get sweet jerseys. Also, they have Toms there (the shoes) except they aren't called Toms, I guess, but they cost 5 pecos= 1 dollar. Sure beats 50 bucks. haha. Sending things to and from Argentina is almost impossible because customs steels anything of value even if you put Mother Mary on it. Our teacher told us a mom sent a box of ties to her elder and the mail service dropped it in a lake and they received it 5 months later haha. Mom those two cards you put in my package are really cool. Do you have them in Spanish? My district really likes them and wants to know where to get them? You sent me a quote book and I already have one remember? Do you want me to send it to TJ or did you already?
I am loving the mission, sometimes it is hard but I am growing from it. There is a quote that says "the only desire we need to have is that we are better tomorrow than we are today, God doesn't expect an acorn to be a mighty oak before it is a young sapling." Thank you for the support, upward and onward. Love Elder Smart

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