Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi mom
I hope you had a great week! And a great birthday! Thank you for the pictures of all the family and stuff. Sorry about the jersey for Parker. What happened was that I didn’t have time to find a jersey for him and Hunsaker was going to do it but he forgot I guess. The map of Argentina I went to a cool shop to get it and it had all kinds of stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

This last week was really slow, a lot of closed doors and it has been really humid so that didn’t help. All my excitement was lower but it is ok. We are going to have a great week this week! Being out here and hearing everyone’s idea of religion is so interesting and it is so incredible that they say exactly what we believe and we show them that we believe the same and they still don’t want to know the truth. Some people have closed hearts but we are looking for people who the lord has prepared.

This last week we cooked marshmallows with some kids and they loved it! It was way way fun. And also we had an activity about the atonement that we did and it went really well. The spirit was really strong. We had lunch today with the familia Leiva and they gave us sooooo much food my stomach hurts way bad ha. I will send you pictures of that also. They love country music so while we eat they always put it on and I love it.

Tomorrow we have interviews with the president so we are going to be traveling to Concordia tomorrow at about 10. Another day of travel...... Oh well ha.

I love you mom and I miss you so much you should try to get some more pics with you in them and parker.

Your Son

Do you just teach the Leiva family English?
Yes It is so funny.

What is the purpose of divisions?
We do divisions to try and help other missionaries learn and get better

What happened with the lady that was investigating the church for 6 years? Did she get baptized?
We are still working with her she has been sick

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