Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 73

MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (this week)
How are you? Thank you for all of the great pictures that you have sent. I love them so much, keep them coming. What are your plans this week for your birthday? I hope you like what I sent you with Elder Hunsaker for your birthday. Mom how was it with Elder Hunsaker? He is such a stud isn´t he? I love that kid! He is a dear friend to me.

The MM lunch sounded like it was really fun with all those people. Tj gets home on the 15th and Taylor and Jean get home on the 1st! WOW how fast it goes by! and Brayden Miller? I get home the 13th of Feb  Wow I can´t believe it, it feels like I just started the mission....

This week we had divisions so I went out with another new elder who is very timid. We taught some people and he did great! I don´t know if it is just me but the missionaries that come out of the MTC are more prepared now than ever before. . . it is awesome. They already speak Spanish good when they get here but they don´t understand because it is to fast for them.

Elder Adair and I found a new lady to teach from Paraguay who is really cool. She is accepting to everything. We asked her to pray at the end of our lesson and she did it! She was nervous but we helped her. There are people who are willing to learn of Christ but they don´t know how or where to go. It is awesome to see how the Lord prepares people in such a way that no person could do it. . . only the hand of God. We will see what happens with this investigator but I have high hopes.

We are teaching English to the familia Leiva and they are so great! They plan on going to the USA to visit the temple and go to conference so we are preparing them with the language. They are gonna wait til I get there before they go and visit. I am sending a picture of them during an activity that we had where we played ping pong. They are on the right side. You spoke to them on mothers day.

On Sunday we had a lot of members who all want us to visit them this week and they are starting to give us references. Which is exciting because when I got here the excitment of the ward towards missionary work wasn´t great! Well that is it for now but I love you and thanks for everything.
Elder Smart

Where did you travel to for your leadership and new trainer meeting? 
We went to Parana which is about 5 hours away from Colon.

I love you mom SO SO much and I hope you have a good birthday week! I hope you know how much I appreciate all the things you do for me and for the family. Every meal you cook and every load of laundry you do.
I appreciate it all!! love you always mom
Your son


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  1. I think you should frame the last paragraph forever! Cute letter!