Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 68

Hey Mom I got back on the computer in the evening time because you hadn´t written me early. This week was really crazy! On Tuesday me and Elder Handley, an awesome guy from New Jersey did divisions together. He came to Colon from his area about an hour away because he had to do a baptism interview for us. We went to a house and the lady that we had only taught once came out and she had the book of Mormon we had given her. She had obviously gone and talked to here Pasteur because she had a note stuck to the book of Mormon with arguing scriptures from the bible. She gave the book back and we continued on. Well I had the book in my hand when we arrived at our investigators house who had the interview to be baptized scheduled. She had a lady out side from a different church there and I had a bad feeling from the very beginning. This lady started making comments and we said we were not there to argue with her and she said she didn't want to either. Well next thing you know it she said we were from the devil and all sorts of stuff. We bore our testimonies and left and when we went back later that night we found out that our testimonies had helped alot and the investigator said she told the other lady not to come back. And that she knew this is the true church of god and if it weren't she wouldn't be in it. She was later baptized on Saturday it was a great baptism and now her daughter who is 30 wants to be baptized also.

We had zone conference in Parana and I saw some old friends from the beginning of the mission. It was so nice. Also I found out today that a family I was teaching had their daughter baptized finally. I was so glad cuz I reactivated the father while I was there and he had the opportunity of baptizing her. 

Who all went to the MM Lunch?

That is it for this week, I love you.
Love, Your son

How are your three investigators? Have you scheduled any of their baptisms yet? 

You said that Colon is like St. George and a vacation spot. When you contact people are most of them on vacation and you won't be able to teach them again or do they live there?  
Well luckily I am here during the winter so no it isn´t that bad at all.

What kind of chocolate do you want me to send you for that family? 
Take 5 or Reese's or whatever you want!

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