Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 69

This last week has gone by so quickly I can´t believe it at all! We have found some great people to teach here. One lady that we have found recently had trouble with her ex-husband and she wants to know everything about the church. She is very nice. She has a daughter named Alma. So when I told her about Alma from the Book of Mormon she thought that was cool.
This week we had an activity for the 25th of May. We ate something called locro. It has corn and is a creamier kind of stew that is really good! You can look it up on the internet. It has like pigs feet in it and stuff everyone was telling us to be careful because it might make us sick. They said remember elders the pench (apartment) is really small. haha Referring to the bathroom. In the 1st photo it is a member who cooked the locro he is an incredible guy who invites the spirit into the room when he speaks. The 2nd photo is of the church with all the people there! And the 3rd picture is me with some kids of the ward. The members dressed up like gauchos and they danced and  everything there after we finished eating. An investigator went and we played ping pong and stuff with him and it was a really good experience for him! It was way fun to have all the members there doing something all together.

We found a new family to teach and we wouldn´t of found them if their little baby wouldn´t of crawled out the front door. The man let us in and we explained the restauration and they had so many questions and asked us how we know this is true. We shared about the Book of Mormon and the man asked us where he could get this book. We gave it to him right there and he said he would begin reading. We are going to visit them this tuesday so I hope all goes well.

Sunday night we had a family home evening and we ate pizza and we brought the desert. We took chocolate pudding with smashed Oreos in it. And then we put gummy worms in it like we do in the states for Halloween. We then shared the scripture in Job 19:25-27 when Job talks about how the worms may eat his flesh but he still has faith in the Savior. The family loved it but they where weirded out by the pudding.
That is it for this week and I hope all is well at home.
I love you!!
Elder Smart

Are the Hunsakers the ones that have a cabin up by ours? 
Are you having transfers next week? The week Hunsaker leaves?  
Yes and so I will not write until Tuesday next week

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