Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 70

 Hey  family, how are you? I am really good. I will tell you first off that I am staying in my area and that I am going to be training a new missionary. I am going to go to Rosario to get him on Thursday. I am also the district leader. I am so excited because my friend here Elder Handley from New Jersey is training also, so we will be here together until the end of his mission! So exciting! Maybe I will train that kid Saloman from the Willow Creek Stake. I will at least see him!

I also might see Elder Hunsaker and his mom in Rosario. I am going to try to see him. You sent me two suitcases? and how much was it? Santana asked me the other day. I am going to get my package on Thursday and I told Elder Hunsaker to just leave it there in the mission home.

This last week we had a really spiritual lesson with the lady who had problems with her ex husband. She cried and said her first vocal prayer. It was way cool! We also taught a menus (less) active family and in the activity they all cried and now they want us to go back to their all the time. They went to church on Sunday and it was awesome to have the church just a little more full.

There is a lady in my area that has been investigating for 6 years or so and never got baptized ever. Well she is going to be baptized on the 16th if all goes according to plan!

Thank you for the package and everything and I will talk to you more next week! 
Love you always!
Your Son!

How are the people that their baby crawled out the door? Are you still teaching them? 
Yes we are teaching them and they are doing good! The Baby just crawled to look out the doorway right when we were there so when the mom came and grabbed the baby the missionaries yours truly was there ;)

Your dessert that you took to family home evening was great!!! Do they not have pudding down there or was it the worms that weirded them out? 
Just the way it looked freaked them out alot. And yes they have pudding here.

You talked about Locro. Did it really have pigs feet in it? Did you get sick? 
No I did not get sick. Yes it had pigs feet.

When do you think you will get your package?  

How is the training going with Elder Goodman? 
I didn´t train him I was his step dad, cuz I was his second comp

When you go to the river and take sunrise pics, how early do you go? And is that on your P-day? 
Yes on p-day and at about 7:30 it pops up.

Do you know how many new missionaries you got today?
24 I think

How are your investigators this week? 
Our investigators are really good right now. 

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