Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 71

Hello mom! It is so exciting to hear about all the things that are happening back at home with Ashley's mission call and everyone! I got the package from the mission home and the pictures where so great! I can’t believe how everyone has changed and everything! You and Bailee and Parker and Colton! Dad is kind of the same as before.

I met Elder Saloman and he said hey you are Elder Smart! We talked about the ward and the different people he met while there in Willow Creek. He is a big old guy ha.

This last week I was in an area close to mine with an Elder named Elder Handley. He is from New Jersey. I sent you a picture with me and 2 other missionaries well he is the one on my right side. The one on my left is named Elder Farley. They are both awesome guys I plan on hanging out with them when I get back. Me and Elder Handley went to Rosario on Wednesday afternoon and got there and did the necessary things such as visit McDonalds. We went and stayed in Elder Wingers pench after with a bunch of missionaries that I have met over the mission. 

We woke up the next morning and I was going to see Elder Hunsaker but he was far away from where I was and there wasn´t time to go see him :( Mom definitely go to his farewell he is an awesome guy. I sent things with a  Hermano here who is going to give the stuff to Elder Hunsaker and Hunsaker will get it to you guys.

I went and picked up my new comp and I was nervous he would be strange.... But he is sooooo cool. He is fun and has a lot of love for the people. He speaks good Spanish but he is getting used to the way they speak here. We went to a house the first day and a little kid asked him if he had pictures of his family and Elder Adair said no and the little kid said. "Bueno andáte" Haha (Alright leave) I laughed so hard. Then that night we visited a family and they gave us blood sausage (the blood is from a cow) and I didn´t tell him what it was until his 2 or 3rd helping haha. He was glad I didn´t tell him.

 We are having fun here in colon. I love introducing things to him because everything is so new to him and he isn´t used to things that are normal to me. I always ask "is it not like that in the united states?" because I can´t remember at all.....

The lady that is programmed is really great. She like I said has been investigating for 6 years. But what I think has helped alot right now in this moment is that we have included alot of new things with her. We gave her a hymn book and we have helped her to befriend a member in the ward. She has her date for baptism but we will see what happens because she tends to go to Buenos Aires alot to visit. We are trying to make everything work as far as time.

Well I will end for now but I love you and will talk to you all next week!
Love, Elder Smart

I will send the locro pictures next week to you ok. I love you mom so much and you look so good in the pictures from the cabin! I can´t believe how everyone is so different! It scares me... Do I look different in my photos mom? Well I love you and will talk to you next week,

Love, Elder Smart

Tell us all about your new companion. What's his name? Where is he from?
He is a stud. He was waiting in New York for his visa for a month! Elder Adair from Logan Utah

What do they do on the river? Any fish? 
Yes there are fish and stuff but they don't do much on the river.

That is a cool little boat. Do you know who it belongs too? Or what they use it for? 
No it is just there.

I sent two suitcases. One large one and a smaller one that fit inside. I hope they will be OK for Elder Santana. Do you know if he got them?
Yes he did and he says thank you! He might try to write you also to tell you personally!

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