Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 62 - Happy Easter

This week was fun because it was the week of Easter here in
Argentina. The Catholics don´t eat meat, except fish. So all
week we got a bunch of questions about that. We contacted
alot this week trying to find new people because we are in need of
people to teach. We found a lady who is perfect. She has all the right
questions and she really wants answers. But, she is busy with work all the time.
We gave her a date to be baptized and I feel like she will get
baptized on that date.

We went on Thursday to play baseball at the park because a lot of
less actives go and play. I wanted to go speak to them and set up
times to visit them. Well we didn´t play cuz it is a holiday here for
Easter. In the U.S.A. it is only on Sunday, but here it is Thursday-
Monday. Man they have a lot of holidays here.

I had a meeting in Rosario for DL and ZL which was really great. I got
to see Elder Winger and Elder Pinedo. I loved catching up with them. I
have made some great friends out here on my mission who I want to
still spend time with after the mission.

Today after writing this letter I have to go to Rosario again. I have to do paperwork to be in
Argentina, because it has almost been a year since I have been here!!!
Man how time flies. I told my companion we were going  because he needed to be
trained on how to be the finance person in the mission home and he didn´t believe me.
So he called the offices, haha my friend there answered the phone and said "I
understand we are gonna be living together." It was so funny. I was
just playing, but Elder Fairbanks was nervous. haha.

Well I love you family and friends and I hope you have a nice week.
Elder Smart

Questions from home:
Did you have a nice Easter? Did you do anything special? I got a
chocolate egg from one of my good friends in the mission (Elder Santa Ana)

When are transfers? And do you know yet if you are being transferred?
Transfers are in about 2 weeks and i am 95% sure that i am leaving
here. If i don´t i will be shocked.

Who is the Elder coming home and where does he live?
 He is in Arkansa so he is gonna send the stuff to you guys.

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