Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 65 With Elder Goodman

Hello family! Well last Wednesday was a crazy crazy day. I woke up in the morning and finished packing and everything and I went to say goodbye to some people. Then we had the baptism at 2 in the afternoon.  It was just perfect but also sad because I said goodbye to everyone there. :(  Alvero and his family were sad I was leaving because now they are active in the church and blessing their little 1-year-old girl Guadalupe next week.

Directly after the baptism I went to the pench and grabbed all of my things and headed to the terminal. I said goodbye to Elder Farley and it was sad. He is a great friend. I arrived in Rosario at 7 PM and I waited till 1 AM ha. I waited with Elder Winger and his companion. We ate at McDonalds, it was good. Also the soccer team Boca was playing and it went into penalties so the whole place was going crazy!

I got on the collectivo and I arrived in Colon at 6:00 in the morning.... Then I went out and worked all day ha. The area is basically like St. George at home in Utah. It is just a place for people to come and take it easy and enjoy like a week long vacation. It is a great place and the people here are great and way friendly. It is a branch here of about  40 people and I want to help them become a ward! That is basically it for this week but I will write a ton more next week about my new adventures!
Love elder Smart

How is your new area?
It appears to be small like Federal? It is small just like federal. But the houses are more spread out I think not so much farm country.

Your new pench?
The best shower I have ever had ever and we have a microwave! It is also very clean so I like it a lot.

And your companion?
Elder Goodman from Arizona. Tall and has red hair.  Kind of looks like that _________ kid who was on Parkers football team a long time ago. But a little taller than me.

Did you have to travel by yourself? How long?
I traveled all night I will tell you the story.

 How are the bus systems? Are they easy to use?

Grandpa wants to know if you have hot water in your shower?
Yes for the first time in a long time basically my whole mission.

Also did you get your scripture covers before you left?
Nope not yet I am still organizing that with the guy who does them. Do you think I should get Bible and Book of Mormon covers?

When was Elder Wair supposed to arrive home?
Last Thursday so give him a little time. Probably this week you will get the package.

Was he going to make contact with us?
No idea

When will you know about your Mother's Day call?
I will tell you next week because I am preparing that this week
Will you be able to skype? 
 Yes I believe so

Elder Smart and His Cake

Elder Smarts Cake
Elder Smart, Alvero, Elder Fairbanks
Alvero and his family at his baptism
Me in my Holland jersey and the River Uruguay

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  1. I love that he compares his new area with St. George - totally relatable!