Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 63

 This week has passed by really slowly to me. I think it is kind of
hitting me that I might not be here that much longer in Pergamino.
Also the traveling didn´t help I am sure. I went to Rosario to do
paperwork because it has been a year  that I have been here in
Argentina! Wow... I went to the mission home and I saw all of my group
that came to Argentina here with me from the MTC. I saw Elder Winger
and everyone. It was great to see how all of us have grown and learned
so much in the gospel and in Spanish.

When we got back from Rosario we had our English class, which I love now
because there are people who actually take it seriously and want to
learn. I love explaining things to them. We speak so funny in English,
it is so confusing but we understand it perfectly. One day this week
we had breakfast, lunch and dinner with members. It was so fun to be with these
people that I have grown to love so much while I have been in Pergamino.
Members keep asking us about lunch because they know I might not be
here much longer. One night at dinner Elder Fairbanks said the funniest thing.
He wanted to say the word viaje which means trips, but on accident he said viejas.
So he said "me gustan las viejas." or I like old ladies. Hahaha The
member we were eating with started laughing so hard and I did too, but he
didn´t know what he said. hahaha

We watched the movie 17 Miracles with a family that we helped return
to the church and they loved it. They cried during all of it and the
next day at church they got up and said thank you to us for helping
them come back to church. They talked about the movie and how they
can stay strong in the church if the pioneers could do all that. It
feels good when people tell us that we help them because sometimes
when people shut the door on you it feels really crummy.

Sunday night we went and did a blessing for a hermana who tried to
commit suicide. We gave her a blessing and we promised peace to here soul
and she cried during all of it and so did her daughter. It was the
first time that we met the hermana but the daughter is someone we have
been trying to help come back to the church. Her son is great and
wants to get baptized and will be baptized this weekend or the next
one (pray for this one cuz I wanna be here) Well that is it for this
week and I will talk to you all next week on Tuesday.

Love Elder Smart


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  1. Love the pictures! Glad to read some new on that kid! Tell him good job from me=) Nyla