Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 64 Going to Colon

Hey mom and family I will get straight to the point. I am being sent to Colon, Entre Rios. It is over by Federal kind of. It is very far away from the mission home but who knows maybe I will get to visit Federal again!! I would love that :) My new companion is from the same group as Elder Fairbanks so it looks like I am gonna pick up on teaching kind of where I left off. He is from Arizona and likes basketball and sports just like me.

This last week I have been telling people that I was leaving so all week people have been giving us food to eat. Last night I had my last family home evening with a family and they made me a cake with a shirt, tie and my name tag on it. Also tonight we have another family home evening with another family.

Well last week we had a meeting to decide when we were going to have Alveros baptism and they decided it would be this next Sunday. I was a little sad because I knew I was not going to be there for it. Well when they found out that I was leaving they changed the date to this Wednesday (tomorrow) Right before I leave! So tomorrow literally on my way to catch a bus out of here I am going to baptize Alvero. Alvero is an 11 year old kid that I found and his mom is a member and the father isn´t. The father is waiting for his divorce papers so he can get baptized. I helped to reactivate the family. They love Elder Fairbanks and me so much. They are going to church and they have a baby blessing of their little girl who is 1 years old, this week.

The picture I have sent are just some fun pictures that I thought you guys would like. But I will send more next week because this computer is working way well for me right now. I have loved my time here in Pergamino and I love the people here and I am sure I will love the people in Colon also.

I Love you mom and I hope all is well. SEND ME PHOTOS!
Elder smart

Tell us about the pictures you sent? Who are the four Elders with sunglasses? Is that your pench in the back ground?
Yes that is the pench in the background and those elders are me and my comp an farley (to my right) He is a great friend of mine.

And the little kids? Etc.(looks like a birthday party) The kids love you!!!
Yes they are little kids at a birthday. We went and we were the life of the party haha The kid in the black shirt is getting baptized.

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